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I have painted in watercolour, oils and acrylics most of my life. In the 1970s I developed a particular interest in acrylics after developing an allergy to the oil paints whilst in London in the 1970s. Although art was my top subject at school I consider myself to be a self taught artist who was fortunate to be able to study the works of the great masters whilst living in London and travelling in Europe and Asia, in 2011 I completed an Advanced Diploma in Art and Creativity at The Learning Connexion in New Zealand.

The early acrylics of the late sixties and early seventies having bright fast drying colours were very appropriate for the pop culture of the time. It was during this period that I painted the first of the Time paintings using the red head Celtic female character to represent time and started selling some works. Most of the early works in the series apart from the first were destroyed by damp as they were on hardboard and had been stored in a damp wine cellar. When I returned for the paintings the paint came away from the supports like damaged sheets of plastic and I was not inclined to try to save them. In 2000 I returned to work on the Time series of paintings.
In 1975 I married my wife Yin -Keng and together we travelled to Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore and we lived in the middle east for five years. On a visit to Kyoto, Japan I came to appreciate and be influenced by Japanese art as well as chinese and Buddhist art.
In 1984 we moved permanently to New Zealand were I have a studio on the edge of a forest reserve within walking distance of the Buddhist monastery in Stokes Valley and now paints full time.

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